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The World's Strongest Librarian

The World's Strongest Librarian: A Memoir of Tourette's, Faith, Strength, and the Power of Family - Josh Hanagarne

This book is kind of my jam.  I worked at a library for 7 years while in high school and college.  It was a super great job and I have some very funny memories of certain library patrons and their idiosyncrasies.   I split my time between desk shifts and working in book processing.  I got to see all the new books that came in.  The perfect job for a book-lover.


In The World's Strongest Librarian, Josh Hanagarne is the librarian of the title.  He discovered his love of books and reading early in life.  Then as a teenager he was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.  Add to this the regular growing-up challenges of struggling with his faith (Mormonism), relationships, school, and so on.  Sometimes he can cope well, and sometimes the Tourettes overwhelms him.  But he goes on to become a librarian for the Salt Lake City library and the reader can't help but cheer.


Each chapter begins with a Dewey Decimal reference to how that chapter would be shelved.  There are many bookish bits and quotes, along with anecdotes from the library.  The writing is genuine and heartfelt.   I was intrigued by his references to using gym workouts to help control his disease.  It was mentioned here and there but mostly discussed near the end, which seemed a little uneven especially given the title.  That's a minor detail, really.  This is overall a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  And my copy came from the library!