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Protecting What's His (A Line of Duty Novel) - Tessa Bailey His Risk to Take - Tessa Bailey Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey

This is another group review, because I read these books back-to-back so fast.  And I loved them so much!  These are loosely connected, so there's no problem with reading them out of order.  


We start off with Ginger in Protecting What's His.  She's just moved to Chicago with her sister, hoping to make a fresh start.  Her new neighbor is Derek, and he's a gorgeous cop.  Ginger has always avoided the police because her past often had her doing things she shouldn't just to get by.  But Derek takes one look at Ginger and knows he's got to have her.  (For the record, I don't know any guys like this in real life.  They are never this determined or persistent.  Or this hot.  Guys like this may exist, I just don't know any.)  Derek delights in getting Ginger all riled up by telling her - in detail - what he'd like to do to her.  Yup, I pretty much loved Derek.  So there's some conflict with Ginger's past, but the best parts are where Derek and Ginger figure out their relationship together.  


His Risk to Take has Troy who's a cop falling for Ruby who is a pool hustler.  He's immediately into her, but she is hesitant to trust him.  Ruby has past ties to a criminal group that Troy is investigating.  When he finds out how close she is to his case, he wants to protect her.  Again, there's the conflict with the criminals, but the reward is the way the relationship grows.  


Officer Off Limits is about Story, who's just come to New York after hearing that her father has had a heart attack.  Her father is a hostage negotiator, and he asks his protegee Daniel, to help Story settle in.  Story has just had a break-up and she's not looking to jump into a relationship, but her connection to Daniel is electric - she's definitely willing to have a rebound fling.  And fling they do.  The question then becomes whether they make their fling last, and whether they can make her father accept the relationship.  


I think I have 2 left in this series, and I'm sort of saving them.   Like my hidden chocolate stash, I know I'll be craving one soon!